CSTM: 3 24" bookshelves in seaside gray

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Reclaimed Wood Bookshelves Various Sizes (Set of 3)

These decorative shelves, most commonly used to display children's books, are made of 100% reclaimed wood. We sand the wood thoroughly to prevent splinters. They are perfect for displaying your child's favorite books or even your favorite cookbooks. The dry-brush paint style gives them a cottage chic feel.


  • Height: Each shelf is roughly 8 inches tall (plus or minus 1/4 inch depending on the wood)


  • Small: 12.5 inches
  • Medium: 18.5 inches
  • Large: 28 inches


  1. Sanded thoroughly: We take great care to sand each piece of wood individually before assembling the item.
  2. Keyhole Hanging System: We drill keyhole slots directly into the wood, so no hanging hardware needs to be added to the item. This also allows the item to sit flush against the wall, and not tilt forward.