CSTM: Medicine cabinet with mirror door: 22 x 31

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Color: Barnwood Red

Custom order: Medicine cabinet with mirror door


Color / Finish:Choose which finish you would like from a variety of colors. Since we are using reclaimed wood, each piece will have its own unique character, so the color tone may vary slightly.

  • Photo 1: Barnwood Red
  • Photo 2: Jamaican Sea
  • Photo 3: Wagon Wheel


Here are a few features that make our frames great:

1. Sturdy Construction: We use an industrial pocket hole joinery system and professional strength wood adhesive, making the frame extra sturdy. We also use oversized swivel tabs for extra support of the mirror.

2. Keyhole Slot Hanging System. (see picture 4) We drill two sets of keyhole slots directly into the frame. This allows the item to sit flush against the wall so that it does not lean forward.

3. Hangs Either Direction: Not only does this frame hang both directions, but the keyhole slots are evenly spaced. So if you hang it horizontally then decide to hang it vertically instead, you won't have to make new holes in the wall!