Stackable Crate Style Display Shelves (Set of 4) - Whitewash

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Stackable Crate Style Display Shelves (Set of 4) - Whitewash

This set of 4 crate style display shelves is a great set-up if you have a large wall to fill and want everything to coordinate. They are stackable, floating shelves which makes them quite versatile, and practical.

Handmade in Texas, USA from real, reclaimed wood. The deep, eccentric texture of the weathered wood creates a genuinely rustic feel, and makes this item a real eye catcher. Because it is made from reclaimed wood, each piece will be unique and have some variance in overall appearance and color.

A single shelf measures: 30 x 9.5 X 6.75 (inches)


  1. Each shelf is made from scratch out of 100% locally reclaimed wood.
  2. Keyhole slots drilled directly into the item make for easy and flush wall mounting with no additional hardware required.
  3. Shelves are stackable or can be hung separately.

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